summer with friends part 1

POCHOLOGY 101: meeting the voice master

Did you ever wonder who the voice behind all of those TV Ad was? Or the man behind those Cartoon shows you’ve adored since you were little? Well, I just met him yesterday! 


I was informed that there will be a seminar held marketing and other business students are invited to come. My reason for attending was just for the certificate. Ha! I didn’t even know what would the theme of the so called seminar will be until I got to the venue. It started around 10:00 am in the morning, the first speaker was fine. He said some pretty interesting stuff, but it was the next one who lulled me to sleep. I don’t mean to be rude but it is true. Just imagine someone talking without intonation or stress. I have to play 2048 to keep myself awake, seriously. 


Even took selfies.

After I ate my lunch, which they almost ran out of, I wanted to get home. I was not having fun, my shoes are hurting, and I’m sleepy. I don’t know what came to me, but I decided to go back to my seat. image

My seat was at the back, and behind me were the organizers of the event. I could barely what’s going on in front. Then they’re playing a video of an interview of the Voice Master of the Philippines. In the interview he was doing some voice acting which was awesome. It was played twice and then the crowd went wild when he entered the room. It was the Voice master himself, Mr. Pocholo Gonzales. And to be honest he’s a quite looker too! 


He is the voice behind a thousand characters in anime, hundreds of local commercials in radio and television, and various children’s programs, films, foreign telenovelas, drama, and other TV shows. 


This was from his facebook and the yellow arrow is where i sit. 

He was different. His topic was “Personal Branding: Enhancing Competitiveness of the Filipino Professionals”. It was a talk, but it felt like I was in a concert. But the kind that you were not just entertained, but inspired too!

These were his tips:

  1. Update your online profile.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Use technology as your advantage.
  4. Interact with your audience.
  5. Document yourself.
  6. Be everywhere.
  7. Speak, speak, and speak.
  8. Serve the community.
  9. Pay attention to google.
  10. Re-invent yourself. 

"the greatest ability is availability" -Pocholo Gonzales, the voice master of the Philippines.

What if I told you that you’re wrong? You’re totally misinterpreting it. You have no idea what I’m going through right now, I don’t expect you not to judge me but whatever, screw it! Maybe you thinking it was disrespectful was disrespectful. uggggh.

IG round-up

I should probably shut my mouth forever. JK

So, I’m back to the guilty days.

So I did a mean thing today. Here’s what happened. I came to school 20 minutes late. I have this General Psychology class which I cross-enrolled from the Entrepreneurship Department. So when I got there, my classmate was in front, standing by the lectern, the thing is she was reading a piece of paper in front of the class. Then I asked Menny, “Is she reporting?” okay, maybe I sounded like I was mocking her, then Menny laughed, but really it’s half sarcasm and half question, really. Then one of them looked at me. I think they overheard what I’ve just said.

The thing is that was kind of arrogant, really. Some part of me doesn’t want to care but other part of me is worried of what they might say against me. I don’t want to give a fuck but I can’t help but feel guilty.

I mean, it’s not my fault she’s not really reporting. Technically, she was just reading, barely explaining her assigned topic.


I love sarcastic people with high vocabularies

Your shirt won’t stop me. Haha.

We forgot to act normal, oh wait this is our “normal”. Lol. Part 1
I’m with this sexy bech jaehey and this dude anonymoustoexhume.

There is this time when you cry at something at a movie or a tv series.  You cry not because you can relate, but rather, you cry because you can’t and never will be.

I’ve been Monk Marathon-ing since last week. And this episode of Monk made my cry so hard. I’m currently on the second season. The thing is they both have psychological disorder. Adrian Monk has an OCD and other phobias. His brother, also I think suffers from OCD, but his brother has agoraphobia (afraid of getting out of the house) he never left the house for 32 years.

 In this episode his brother asks for his help on solving a murder of his neighbor which he adored. He suspects that her husband kills him. Here Adrian found out why his brother didn’t call him when his wife died, the time when he needed a family at the most. His brother’s blames himself for the accident that happened 6 years ago. He said that he was the reason Trudy (Adrian’s late wife) was in that garage because he called her and asked to buy him some medicine for coughs, by then Adrian understood. And also, maybe one of the reasons he didn’t want to go out is because he was waiting for his father to come back.

Then there’s the last part where they solved the case and the suspect attempt to burn the house of Adrian’s brother. What moved me is Adrian; hated dirt a lot and his brother obviously didn’t want to get out despite the fact that then house is burning.

Then at the last part, he was so in shock that he’s outside. And he keeps telling people around him that his brother let him out. Two people conquering their fear because of the brotherly love. <3

crochet diary: Crochet Sandals

Social media has been my friend since I started Yarns and Beads. I made that facebook page over a year ago for portfolio purposes. And by the time I made it, I’ve been making bracelets out of crap. I recycle old bracelets to make new ones, better ones hopefully. And since I joined instagram, people who don’t know about my page order crochet goodies from me through there.

I didn’t really have to advertise much, I mean I don’t make a lot of effort convincing. This may sound arrogant but it’s true. It’s like I’m just waiting for customers. I don’t do all that because, I am still in school and I only crochet on my free time so, convincing people to make me do stuff for them is not that easy.

Anyway, here is the 3 baby sandals, someone ordered this in instagram. 

As I previously mentioned, finding the right yarn is hard in this place, so improvising is my only choice. 

I have to stitch a sole. This fabric is the kind where seamstress use to make dresses bobble.